Free Code Camp Houston

If you are going through the FreeCodeCamp course, we have several ways to help connect you with mentors as well as other Houstonians that are also taking the course to ensure you get the help you need.

Facebook Page
Slack Team
Regular Meetups

We have regular meetups where people who are working through FreeCodeCamp can come and work together.

FCCHouston maintains an active slack team where you can ask questions, find out about events, and share your experience

Most of our members are Facebook users so it makes sense to join our local closed group to keep informed and join in the conversation

A community for Houstonians learning to code

How Can I Get Involved?

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Our meetup events are intended to allow students of FreeCodeCamp to collaborate and help each other through the curriculum. A typical meetup will involve a short introduction followed by attendees breaking into groups based on where in the course they are. Some events will have refreshments and food provided while others may be located in places where you can purchase these. In all events, it is a good idea to come to the event with a laptop and power cable since the focus is usually the FreeCodeCamp curriculum.

What To Expect At Our Meetups

On November 3, hundreds of people will converge on downtown San Francisco to compete in the 2018 freeCodeCamp JAMstack Hackathon.

Since most of us can't realistically make the trip to San Francisco - we'll have an online version of the hackathon with its own set of prizes.

Houston FCC members are invited to join us in the DigitalCrafts classroom in East Downtown and participate all weekend long, virtually.

2018 JAMstack Hackathon

These groups sponsor regular meetups or otherwise provide support for Houston FreeCodeCamp events and members

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